A1 telekom hotline business plan

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A1 telekom hotline business plan

The communication remote control system centrally handles call management for the user's telephones. The communication remote control system may provide a centralized address book, call log, and voicemail.

The user can specify various parameters including modes, filters, schedules, and the like, which are stored in the communication remote control system. The communication remote control system routes incoming calls made to the phone networks to the user's delivery device, which may be part of the client device.

Provisional Patent Application No. This application is related to U. Typically this set of TNs includes home, office, and cell phone numbers, and are associated with different telecommunication service providers.

Each telecommunication service provider has its own set of features that function in isolation with the other service providers.

Even if the user has two TNs with the same telecommunication service provider, the set of features for one TN may function in isolation with the other. If the caller knows more than one TN for the callee, the caller selects the most likely number to reach the callee and often leaves a voicemail message before trying another number.

The caller is burdened with determining the most likely sequence of calls to reach the callee. This often results in one or more voicemail messages home, office, cell even if the caller ultimately reaches the callee. This situation slows the process of establishing a connection, increases costs, and reduces the probability of making a live connection, due to the effort and time required of the caller.

a1 telekom hotline business plan

In addition, multiple voicemail messages are a burden for the callee. Call management is the selectable re-routing of phone calls from the called address, typically a telephone number, to a delivery device, typically a telephone or voicemail service.

Rudimentary call management, in the form of Variable Call Forwarding, is widely available.

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Existing call management features only apply to calls placed to phone lines within the telecommunication service provider's network. For example, the two leading consumer voice-over-IP VoIP telecommunication service providers offer call redirection for calls placed to their telephone numbers.

To configure this feature, the user must log on to the telecommunication service provider's website and enter forwarding numbers into the configuration web pages.

a1 telekom hotline business plan

To use this feature, the user must be at the location of the phone to be forwarded; the user must take the phone off-hook; and the user must enter an arcane sequence of digits followed by the telephone number of the phone line to which all calls will be forwarded.

In all of these cases, the configuration is static. Once the configuration of a system is set up, the system works the same way until it is changed. Changing the configuration is often cumbersome, requiring the keypad entry of arcane numeric codes.

To manage multiple phones, the user accesses disparate user interfaces from each of their telecommunication service providers, potentially from multiple physical locations. Some telecommunication features are isolated to a device attached to a telecommunication service provider's network.


The caller-ID box can only display, and keep a record of, calls placed to that phone line. Similarly, most modern mobile phones store a log of incoming calls and dialed calls, but the log only applies to calls received and placed by that mobile phone.

What is needed is a system and method that automatically handles, routes, and manages telephone calls so that callers do not have to guess which number to call to reach a particular individual. What is further needed is a system and method that allows a callee to specify how incoming calls are handled for calls to different telephone numbers for different telecommunication service providers, and that responds dynamically to real-time conditions at the time a call is placed.

The callee sets communication management directives based on activities for various user addresses or telephone numbers, which are stored in a database separate from the communication networks. The directives are retrieved in response to a communication to a user address, and are provided to the communication network associated with the user address for routing the communication.

In one aspect, the present invention provides techniques and a system including a wireless device that allows for the remote configuration of a set of call management features working in concert across multiple telephone networks.

Reach for the stars with high-speed Mesh WiFi.

Further features of the invention, its nature and various advantages will be more apparent from the accompanying drawings and the following detailed description. It may or may not be associated with an actual telephone device. As described below, a mode can be selected explicitly by a user or implicitly according to the user's profile.

Additional terminology is defined herein within the context of the following description. The present invention is now described more fully with reference to the accompanying Figures, in which several embodiments of the invention are shown.

The present invention may be embodied in many different forms and should not be construed as limited to the embodiments set forth herein.Public Bank, a complete one-stop financial portal, offering a range of accounts, credit cards, loans, deposits and other financial aids for our personal and commercial customers.

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The relevant parties such as Telekom should spearhead a strategic blueprint to overcome this problem of poor internet connection by reducing the fees for broadband and providing free internet broadband for all students in Malaysia.

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