An analysis of the theory of the mayflower compact

Visit Website But when the Mayflower landed in Massachusetts instead of Virginia, discord began before the colonists even left the ship. The strangers argued the Virginia Company contract was void.

An analysis of the theory of the mayflower compact

I discuss the Georgia Guidestones here. A better, updated account of the linkage between the Georgia Guidestones and the Burj Khalifa can be found here. This brief post is a followup to my recent Georgia Guidestones article which can be read here: Gaming and navigation software are other reasons why I boot up Windows.

An analysis of the theory of the mayflower compact

Whenever I load a box with Windows, I usually install the following programs. OpenOffice 3 has […] Recent Content Part 1: Christian, a pseudonym for the man who provided the designs and funding for the controversial Georgia Guidestones monument, was Herbert Hinie Kersten, a doctor from Fort Dodge, Iowa.

The cube was placed inside a five-year-old notch cut into the upper-right corner of the English Language Guidestone. Michael Massanelli claims responsibility for the cube and he states that the cube was intended to […] Anonymous message claims to reveal R. Christian identity, Georgia Guidestones doom date: Update 2 — hacking attempts suggest hoax Update 2: This article has been followed by a flurry of bizarre hacks, spoofed emails and spoofed message comments.

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Government as Contract

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An analysis of the theory of the mayflower compact

The post is quoted in its entirety below: We […] Georgia Guidestones: New Discover Article Carries My Quotes Author Jill Neimark has written an article for Discover magazine about the Georgia Guidestones, a controversial and mysterious granite monument located in a northeast Georgia pasture.

In her article, she provides quotes from me. You can read her article here. You can read more about my research here, here and here.The Mayflower Compact, a document signed aboard the ship Mayflower in , set forth principles of tolerance and liberty for the government of a new colony in the New World (The Architect of the Capitol ).


The Mayflower Compact expressed four . Welcome to Astro*Address -- the addresses for astrologers from all parts of the globe. This data was compiled by Matrix Software from a wide variety of sources. Mayflower Compact: Definition, Summary & History Summary & Analysis In the Compact.

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The Mayflower Compact was written in a style that is similar to a prayer. Most passengers aboard the. Plymouth Colony (sometimes New Plymouth) was an English colonial venture in North America from to at a location that had previously been surveyed and named by Captain John settlement served as the capital of the colony and developed as the town of Plymouth, its height, Plymouth Colony occupied most of the southeastern portion of Massachusetts.

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Dec 17,  · The Mayflower Compact was a set of rules for self-governance established by the English settlers who traveled to the New World on the Mayflower. When Pilgrims and other settlers set out on the.

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