Stakeholder analysis essay

Introduction — Organisation background Part B: Suggestion on how to develop and maintain the relationship with identified stakeholders 1. Have a direct dialog 2. Provide variety of monitoring method 3.

Stakeholder analysis essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Issues like benefits of the project to the stakeholders or activities that might cause damage or conflict to the stakeholders will be included.

Each stakeholder will be listed in one column. To ensure the project flows smoothly, considerations on things to get stakeholder support and reduce opposition will be reviewed. The kind of information needed, how important is it to involve the stakeholder in the planning process and identify groups Stakeholder analysis essay might oppose to the project.

Stakeholders Matrix Identify uses for the Data This analysis identifies various stakeholders on the case of criminal breach of trust in misusing and funneling funds from City Harvest Church to the Crossover Project.

Stakeholder Groups Stakeholders Areas of Interests Identifying the impact of stakeholders will allow them to open up discussions and seek for understanding and compromising on areas of conflicts or further motivate Stakeholder analysis essay project socially.

Below are interests of various stakeholders. There could be monetary loss due to mismanagement of funds or no economical success in the project.

Outside CHC Support Group With support garnered to City Harvest Church working group, people in this category could enjoy preferable treatment on future business dealings with the church. If fraudulence is proven for the church, personnel involved may lose other business dealings because of relation to church in bad name.

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Reputation at stake if exposed pop career rides on fraudulence funds. Church Congregation There will be a cut in funds to help the less fortunate, needy and disabled. Church congregation will not be able to enjoy the new building facilities as promised by the church leadership.

Stakeholder analysis essay

They would feel fulfilled with the monetary gains. If project fails, the church will not be in a good position to reach out to non-believers emotionally and financially. Church Congregation If Sun Ho music career succeeds, it will become an inspiration to the congregation.

If the project is made known, that the church goers might be put off and mistrust or leave the church. Views of stakeholders are taken, organised and negotiated for decision-making.

Continuous dialogue with the stakeholders should be conducted throughout the project. This creates accountability and acknowledgement from most parties. As companies and societies are interdependent, it is vital to explore underlying interests of less related stakeholders outside the organization.

Good intents should be taken when engaging all stakeholders and not corrupted by power differences and strategic motivations among stakeholders. A strategic and systematic approach is taken to move stakeholders away from project based management interventions to a holistic, collaboration with stakeholders.

This shifts companies away from organizational buffering and from reactive issues management to focus on opportunities. Code of Business Conduct Code of business conduct is a guide for reference to employees to support conduct in decision makings.

In current times when companies fall easily to fraudulence, a responsible company could gain positive public image by implementing their code of business conduct. This will increase public confidence and trust among stakeholders.

Stakeholder analysis essay

Although a code of conduct could not substitute local government policies and laws, it is meant to complement them so employees work towards relevant corporate standards.

Corporate Governance and Ethics Violation Prevention Internal and External Auditing To evaluate risk management effectiveness and policies compliance in a company, auditing is introduced as an independent, assurance and a consultative activity.

This includes periodic monitoring while assessing company data and processes it to uphold industrial standards and government policies. After the study, auditors will make recommendations to the company on improving procedures, security vulnerability and corrections according to company and government policies.

Monitoring Board This is organized by the board of directors. They may review and provide advice to improve company performances. Executive directors monitor operations, finance and marketing decisions. Non-executive directors will have on behalf of key stakeholders and can better monitor executive directors due to their independence from the company.

For example, a president and treasurer are two different people. Parties who reported irregularities may remain anonymous while the department conducts an investigation.A Stakeholder Analysis enables you to outline who has a vested interest in how a process performs.

Remember that stakeholders do not receive the product or service. It helps you determine how and when to reach out and communicate with stakeholders to build buy-in, which is critical to a project’s success. This article and exercise describe one approach to conducting a stakeholder analysis.

You can use the table provided as a template to evaluate stakeholders in . Approaches to Stakeholder Impact Analysis In scenario 1, the mayor of a small seaside town faces a tough decision where he has decide between an economic prosperity of his town by developer who submitted a proposal to build a large mall and resort in the town which would mean demolishing the then houses which are the only nursing home and.

Stakeholder Analysis – Business Society & Ethics February 20, February 20, admin Posted in Uncategorized Throughout the last 6 months, the scandal that . Stakeholder Analysis Essay Overview of Stakeholder Analysis on City Harvest Church Financial Irregularities As listed in a table, potential stakeholders will be .

Stakeholder Analysis: The motivation behind stakeholder analysis is to focus on the stakeholder’s level of force or impact and plan the administration approach for stakeholder and to focus on the proper levels of correspondence and support that the stakeholder will have in the undertaking.

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